For Scrap Processors

The demand for sorted, cleaner scrap continues to grow, and your downstream operations are critical to accessing new markets or strengthening relationships with existing consumers. Tap into the information you need to ensure your downstream operations are running smoothly and profitably.

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”

– Peter Sondergaard

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The Value of Your Data

Recyclable metal isn’t the only commodity you’re producing; the data being generated throughout your operations is an incredibly valuable tool to de-risk your business and optimize how you process the materials coming through your facility.

Our Capabilities

  • Enhance your material quality monitoring to minimize the chance of claim.
  • Gain detailed insights into your process performance and identify improvements that maximize profitability.
  • Accurately and automatically track your material volumes and quality from end to end.

Products Designed to Empower Your Business

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Dial in Your Downstream

A modern software application to improve your nonferrous separation capabilities by providing process and material insights to your procurement, operations, and sales teams.
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Quick & Streamlined Quality Analysis

Enhance your quality analysis with our combined hardware-software sampling solution, VALI-Vision, designed for superior data accuracy and speed.

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Ferrous Shred

A World of Opportunity

There’s a world of opportunity within the data your facility is producing – have a specific problem but don’t see a solution listed here? Reach out! We might just be working on it already.