Quick & Streamlined Quality Analysis


Your sampling method is your eyes into the performance of your operations and quality of your material. You need it to be fast, detailed and accurate. VALI-Vision automatically captures the data you need, which minimizes the risk of human error, and increases your visibility into process performance.

Group 649

No More Entering & Uploading with Automated Data Capture

Simply put your sample on the tray, put your tray in VALI-Vision and watch the magic. Image, weight, particle count and particle size distribution captured and recorded in the blink of an eye.

VALI-Vision sample image analysis
Particle Size Distribution

Assess Your Sizing with Particle Size Distribution

Issue with your shredder? Wear and tear on your screens? By rapidly measuring particle size distribution VALI-Vision can help you detect upstream issues early and often.

How It Works


1. Load your sample onto the tray.
2. Place the tray in VALI-Vision.

VALI-Vision instantly records the weight, takes an image and analyzes to output particle size distribution and particle count.