Dial in Your Downstream


You’ll never second guess your end product again. Use your downstream data to INCREASE profits and GENERATE a higher level of production with one easy tool. VALI-Sort is a SIMPLE application that allows you to see and understand EXACTLY what is coming in and out of your facility. Provide critical data and insights for operators, buyers and sellers.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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Get a Bird’s Eye View with Facility Insights

VALI-Sort monitors your downstream facility’s performance over time empowering you and your team to identify improvement opportunities that increase the ROI associated with your equipment.

Facility Insights

Reduce the Risk of Claims with Quality Reporting

Build trust with your consumers and protect your bottom line. VALI-Sort aggregates all sampling data associated with a given end product and helps you understand how reliable the quality is.

See Into the Future with Process Simulation

Take the guesswork out of forecasting your production volumes. VALI-Sort tracks the historical performance of your sort process and output from suppliers to predict future production.

Process Simulation
Internal Material Source Compositions and Individual Composition

Trace Back to the Source with Sourcing Insights

Gain insight into your upstream performance by monitoring key metrics during your downstream separation. Understand the value you’re getting from your suppliers by correlating outputs of your downstream all the way back to the source. VALI-Sort tracks material as it moves through your operations; enabling the traceability to make informed procurement decisions and upstream changes.

Find the Buried Treasure with Process Performance

Maximizing your throughput without sacrificing your quality is a tricky balance to strike. Don’t lose valuable metal to your mixed stream – recover it with process performance reporting from VALI-Sort. Identify missed material and process changes to improve recovery.

Classification Performance
Inventory Page

No Metal Left Behind with Inventory Tracking

Whether you’re adding or subtracting, combining or separating, VALI-Sort tracks all actions taken on your inventory and fills in any gaps so you have an accurate understanding of material volumes at any given time.








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