Revolutionize Your Recycling


Increase the recycled content of your products without sacrificing quality, yield, or your bottom-line.

Post consumer scrap is a sustainable, economical source of material. To support the upcycling of old, nonferrous scrap products VALIS is developing VALI-Melt, an advanced sensing and software tool. This integrated hardware-software solution will provide detailed, rapid analysis of representative scrap samples, insight into profitable blending criteria, and real-time melt analysis.

These capabilities are under development – find out more about how you can get early access or partner with us.

Group 649

Feedstock Insights with Automated Scrap Quality Analysis

A hands off, AI-powered analytical tool to get a detailed scrap profile on a larger, more representative sample. Gain insights into scrap quality including material composition, contamination level, and particle size distribution. Enhance your procurement strategy, improve your melt operations, increase your bottom line.

3D scrap piece quality analysis

A Safer Way to Sample with In-Melt Analysis

Pulling button samples is dangerous and inefficient. Increase safety, save time, and closely monitor your melt with an in-melt-analyzer.

Have you already invested in an in-melt-analyzer? Reach out to chat how we can integrate to increase your ROI.

The Secret Recipe with Blend Optimization Software

VALI-Melt integrates with the feedstock quality analysis and melt analysis tools to provide a real-time feedback loop on your operations. Minimize the risk of inconsistent feedstock material and maximize your recycled content with post consumer material. Empower your metallurgists and plant operators to make fast, data-driven decisions that deliver results.