About Us

Our Vision…

…Is to close the loop between processes, systems, and organization through accessible information that empowers circular stakeholders to ensure the maximum recovery of yesterday’s material for tomorrow’s demand.

Our Guiding Principles

We’re driven by our unrelenting dedication to a sustainable future.

We prioritize connecting with people and understanding new perspectives.

We’re not afraid to think differently and innovate boldly.

We show up as our true selves.

metal processor at work

Our Team

We’re a mission driven team, with expertise in metal processing, recycling, and data science, focused on protecting our greatest resources through next generation solutions.

valis team emily molstad

Emily Molstad

Co-Founder & CEO

valis team caleb ralphs

Caleb Ralphs

Co-Founder & CTO

valis team ben longo

Ben Longo

Product Development Director

valis team sean kelly

Sean Kelly, PhD

Advisory Board Member

valis team diran apelian

Diran Apelian, PhD

Advisory Board Member

valis team aly bryan

Aly Bryan

Advisory Board Member

valis team office dog tuna


The Best Office Dog

VALIS Team - Ben, Emily, Caleb

Our History

VALIS was founded in 2022 and is currently headquartered in Worcester, MA where the city’s rich history in manufacturing and innovation combined with its growing focus on entrepreneurship and sustainability has made it the perfect home for our company. The founding team members, Emily, Caleb and Ben, all grew up in New England but their paths crossed during undergraduate studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and as co-workers at Solvus Global. Together they learned the ins and outs of industrial metal recycling and sought to support this critical industry through next generation software solutions. This rapidly growing team is enthusiastically delivering on the mission of a circular economy powered by data.